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History and brochures of several pram brands.

List of the prams we have or have had.

The showroom.

English luxury prams.

Coach Built prams

As mentioned at other pages we classify prams as luxury or English prams, prams with a big (preferably lacquered) body and big spoked wheels behind and smaller spoked wheels in the front. English speaking people speak of coach built prams or vintage prams. A lover or collector of prams is named a "prammie". On Facebook are several groups of prammies, we do have our own group too.

Our vintage prams.

Down on this page are the photos and brands of our prams. Prams we have or have had. Click the photo to enlarge, you can go to the next pram by clicking on the arrows. Click on the brand for more information about the pram.
If you have additional information about a pram, don´t hesitate to contact us, we will try to be as complete as possible.
To make it easy to refer we have numbered the prams.

To get a bigger photo click a photo,
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More information about a certain pram: Click the text.

Prices are after restoration
P & P not included!
Most prams still need to be restored so can become as desired.