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History and brochures of several pram brands.

Tips about how to clean your pram

De pram-wash.

How to cleam prams.

Prams of course need to be clean, definitely if she´s been used (again) for a baby. Fraquently we heve been asked about the cleaning of prams that are not used for a period of time. To dolls prams the same procedures can be used.
Therefore we will describe how to handle on this page.

Hood and body

Hood, apron and body you can clean with a degreaser, we prefer to use Dasty, and a power pad.
Dasty is available in Belgium, Italy and Swiss. To countries where Dasty is not available we can provide you.

Dasty       Power pad


Chrome and spokes are to be cleaned with steel shavings and water with cleaning vinegar (don´t be to economical) and some white detergent powder. Don´t use steelwool because it works less and makes more scratches.

Steel shavings

The tyres

To clean the tyres, take off the wheels from the chassis, if possible. Put them into water with white detergent powder and leave them there for 5 minutes, afterwards you can clear them up with a power pad.
If it is not possible to take the wheels from the chassis you can take a bucket, put 1 wheel in and turn it part by part.